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Stay rejuvenated with our massage therapy Pasadena, CA.

Soothing Massage Therapy in Pasadena, CA

Experience the relaxation and relief that only massage can offer! Here at Victoria’s Healing Sanctuary, we offer an impressive variety of massage types, including everything from soothing Swedish massages to more specialized massages for prenatal clients. Our skilled massage therapist, Victoria Tifekchian, will work with you to create a customized treatment plan that perfectly complements your body and physical needs. Reach out to us today to schedule massage therapy in Pasadena, CA. You won’t regret it!

Standard Massages:

Swedish Massage

This energy massage is unlike any Swedish massage treatment you’ve ever experienced. During each session, Victoria uses a combination of unique modalities and her own special energy healing powers to create a rejuvenating experience.

Deep Tissue Massage

Treat the deepest layers of muscle tissue, fascia, and tendons with deep tissue massage from Victoria’s Healing Sanctuary. This modality uses firm pressure to break up scar tissue, reach deeply held tensions and toxins, and provide stress relief. Many clients even find that this treatment helps to lower their heart rate, reduce blood pressure, help with range of motion, and provide relief for fibromyalgia pain.

Sports Massage

Sports massages aren’t just for athletes. Everyone who struggles with persistent pain can benefit from this treatment. Regardless of your activity level, a sports massage is sure to ease the pain in your muscles.

Hand massage therapy in Pasadena, CA.

Specialty Massages:

Acupressure Massage

Acupressure therapy relies on the same meridian points used in acupuncture. To release pressure, reduce pain, and neutralize body energy, Victoria uses her fingers, hands, elbows, and special tools to focus on these points.

Cold Stone Massage

Cold stone therapy is designed to target pain and discomfort resulting from headaches, allergies, and migraines. We utilize a combination of handcrafted cold stones and aromatherapy to achieve the maximum benefits.

Lymphatic Drainage

Using very light pressure and gentle motions, Victoria promotes the movement of lymphatic fluid throughout the body. This specialized service provides a calming experience that our clients appreciate.

Pregnancy Massage

This treatment was developed specifically for prenatal care. It improves labor and circulation, reduces anxiety, and relieves common pains that come with pregnancy, including:

  • Leg Cramps
  • Backaches
  • Neck Pain
  • Edema
  • Sciatic Nerve Pain

Contact us today to book massage therapy. We are proud to serve Pasadena, California, and the surrounding areas.