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reflexology pasadena ca

Relax with Reflexology in Pasadena, CA

Relieve stress and feel more energy with a visit to Victoria’s Healing Sanctuary for reflexology services. We’re pleased to be a trusted practitioner of reflexology in Pasadena, CA. This treatment utilizes gentle, targeted pressure on your feet, hands, or ears to produce whole-body benefits. While it may appear similar to our massage services—and can be used in combination with them—it is a different style of therapy with different benefits.

Schedule an appointment at our clinic to reap the relaxing benefits of reflexology today. We would also be happy to answer any questions you may have about this treatment and the other services we offer.

How Reflexology Works

Many people are familiar with the concept behind acupuncture or acupressure; reflexology operates on a similar principle. By gently stimulating the nervous system in key areas, you may be able to achieve relief for a variety of symptoms, from arthritic pain and other types of pain to anxiety, sinus issues, and constipation.

It’s important to understand that reflexology is an alternative treatment that is meant to complement medical treatments rather than replace them. We recommend it for clients who have not yet achieved complete relief through traditional care or who wish to reduce their dependency on medications.